28 Sep 2016

August Upcoming: Prunch for the Hungry Minds

Hot event of Graval is coming soon in August. Check it out!
By Kelvin Ju

We love to feed hungry minds! With wonderful knowledge and experience to talents in the corporate world. We understand that these keen learning minds need refueling and we designed this culinary event just to satisfy this need. We’re here to make sure that there will be plenty of home-cooked style food for our talented friends. However, whether or not the cuisine is delicious, freshly prepared and simply tastes great rely on you, and we don’t mean only through your palette!

Surprise at that? Wonder how you can decide whether the food is great tasting without actually first eating them? Wonder how knowledge can complement this “culinary” gathering? So would Prunch for the Hungry Minds provide you with a delightful or flavorless dining and knowledge acquisition experience?

Come find out and enjoy our Prunch where you will consume fun experience and good food.

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