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If you are looking for a gift, try an ART Pro Channel II. The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging . Arizona is a popular location for Major League Baseball spring training, as it is the site of the Cactus League. Spring training was first started in Arizona in 1947 when Brewers owner Veeck sold them in 1945 but went onto purchase the Cleveland Indians in 1946. He decided to train the Cleveland Indians in Tucson and convinced the New York Giants to give Phoenix a try. For a more comprehensive list, see List of community colleges in Arizona.

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  • Spring training was first started in Arizona in 1947 when Brewers owner Veeck sold them in 1945 but went onto purchase the Cleveland Indians in 1946.
  • They include the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in central Phoenix and the Wigwam Resort on the west side of the Phoenix area .
  • Two Channel Vactrol-based CompressorThe ProVLA II is a tube driven Vactrol®-based Compressor / Leveling amplifier designed to excel in any professional audio environment.
  • The ProVLA II is a tube driven Vactrol-based Compressor / Leveling amplifier designed to excel in any professional audio environment.
  • Like most compressors that do there job, you see see there is a lot less clipping…
  • The compressor is not high quality, used in small quantities it is quite correct.

However, in 2008, Arizona voters approved of Prop 102, a constitutional amendment that prohibited same-sex marriage but not other unions. Prior to same-sex marriage being legal, the City of Bisbee became the first jurisdiction in Arizona to approve of civil unions. The state’s Attorney General at the time, Tom Horne, threatened to sue, but rescinded the threat once Bisbee amended the ordinance; Bisbee approved of civil unions in 2013. The municipalities of Clarkdale, Cottonwood, Jerome, Sedona, and Tucson also passed civil unions.

This thing will take a decent sounding signal and make it nom d équipe de soccer sound great. With vocals I have an annoying 1.5 kHz nasally tone that you can easily dial out and have a smooth sound. The tube preamp has a real hot bite that sounds pretty legit. I’m using this with my Rode NT1-A microphone and Pro Tools.

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Experiences with behringer, art, mindprint, preamp sound card or mixer, but this is my first “real” analog portion. Very simple to set up, months to implement, I use it mainly for vocals. I must say that I hesitated a long time, but since I is a true revolution in the studio! Coupled with the AKG C414B XLII sound is perfect, nothing to say. I’m rather fond of this unit though I have used much better. It’s a solid choice for the engineer that doesn’t have a couple thousand dollars to purchase one single channel strip.

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This is a great performing unit, and at a good price. No problem with noise at all, do yourself a favor and don’t hack resistors off the circuit board, the rumors behind this did not come from audio engineers who have access to the systems circuit design. And don’t waste money changing the tubes, there will be no perceptional difference in a blind test beside a different gain curve. This is just an Internet thing some people can’t resist. Circuit board, looks great, well made and solid, follows latest production standards of high quality equipment.

Read more On the face of the Pro-VLA II, you have Variable Threshold, Ratio, and Output controls, as well as Attack and Release knobs, for each of the two channels. Large LED backlit VU meters sit side by side, offering you the visual update you need for at-a-glance status checks on your audio levels. Likewise, easy-to-read 10-segment LED metering shows you what’s up with output levels and gain reduction. For more info contact me via text or call at eight fifty, seven two three, nine eight nine nine.

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I have had this for over a month now and I am completely impressed with this purchase, function and build quality are excellent. The controls are smooth and effective in that any adjustments are gradual with no surprises jumping out all at once and this has really helped my confidence being somewhat new to compression. There is still enough response to the compression that you can “color” with it for things like taming harsh cymbals or making a snare pop out. Run some vocals through this and experiment, even spoken word and play around. Don’t be scared away by this being so affordable and think you are settling for less!

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The technical spec looks suitably impressive on paper, with a frequency response extending from 15Hz to 48kHz (+0, ‑1dB) when the valve anode‑voltage is set to normal. An equivalent input noise for the mic input is quoted as ‑129dBu A‑weighted, translating to a dynamic range of better than 110dB, again A‑weighted. Both mic inputs can accommodate signal levels of up to +10dBu before clipping, whereas the maximum instrument level is +17dBu (800kΩ impedance). The output stage can handle up to +27dB on the XLRs, and has a low 47Ω impedance, which is suitable for driving long cables. This tube mic pre has most of the pro features of a mic pre.