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The batter coating wasn’t too heavy and gave the fries a nice crispy coating that just added to the bursts of flavour. Combined with the tangy tomato dip, I could have easily polished off a sharing box by myself. If there is one item on the menu that I couldn’t wait to try, it was these deliciously golden halloumi fries, which is exactly why they were first up on the list.

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Rabo de toro is originally from the Andalusian region of Spain where it was traditionally made after bull fights. It’s become popular throughout Spain, especially in Madrid where bullfighting is apparently still a thing. Fabada asturiana refers to a Spanish bean stew made with fabes de la granja, a type of large white bean from Spain. Fabada is originally from Asturias in northwestern Spain but it’s widely available throughout the country, even at Spanish supermarkets where it’s sold in cans. Bocadillo de jamon refers to a sandwich made with a Spanish-style baguette layered with slices of ham like jamon serrano or jamon iberico. I don’t know if there’s a formal name for this type of pintxo but you’ll find them at many pintxos bars in San Sebastian.

  • These delicacies can be sprinkled with salt or a squeeze of lemon and are great served with a cold Spanish beer or tinto de verano .
  • The latest is the king of Spanish hams, it comes from free-range acorn-fed pigs and is cured for a minimum of 36 months.
  • “Jamón is the staple of the Spanish table,” says chef José Pizarro, the brains behind the celebrated José tapas bar and Pizarro restaurant in London.
  • Bread with alioli is made of garlic and mayonnaise sauce.

There are two main types of cured ham in Spain, including Jamon Serrano and Jamon Iberico. Compared to the take away alnwick other version, Jamon Iberico has better quality and is more expensive. Spain is the land of bullfighting, and Rabo de Toro is an iconic dish made from Spanish cows. The chef will stew the oxtail with red wine, garlic, and other seasonings until perfect softness is achieved.

Gambas À La Plancha Spanish Grilled Shrimp

There are some good local sparkling wines in Spain, such as Freixenet. Water — It is generally safe to drink water in all major cities and tourist resorts in Spain. If you’re traveling in remote areas, play it safe and drink bottled water. One of the most popular noncarbonated bottled drinks in Spain is Solares.

The Spanish tend to divide their cuisines by region but this is the one dish they unite over. Among Spanish citizens, the Tortilla Española is undoubtedly considered a national dish. Like much of Spanish food culture, paella is inspired by other cultures. In particular, this rice-heavy dish was brought to Spain by Muslims in the 10th Century. That’s what makes this dish less European and more North African.

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Today, in every corner of Spain, paella is reserved for important celebrations and family occasions. Everyone knows that Spain is a dream destination for foodies, but not everyone realises just how varied the cuisine is from region to region. Served fried, patatas are known as patatas fritas, with the word fritas meaning fried. You can also roast them to get patatas asadas, or boil them to get patatas hervidas. The Spanish sustantivo sounds similar to the English name for this fish, so this might help you remember what they’re called in Spanish. You’ll see sardinas served during San Juan, which is a summer festival similar to bonfire night in the UK.

Most Popular Spanish Dishes

Some of the most well-known main ingredients include jamon, olives, sweet onions and ancient vegetables including cardoon and borage. Caldo Gallego is a famous Spanish soup from the region and it is made with greens, beans, and meats. Valencians make good use of their superb oranges by making a lovely drink called Agua de Valencia. This refreshing cocktail includes Valencian orange juice, gin, vodka and cava.

This stew—made with chickpeas, bell pepper and salt cod—is commonly found on tables during the Christian Holy Week leading up to Easter. Leche Manchada – Just a little bit of coffee and lots of hot milk. The best and most popular in our opinion is called Cruzcampo. Discover the beauty of Madrid with my best travel tips, insider guides, and helpful information to make sure you love this city as much as I do. You will be able to try this wonderful and healthy food in Madrid`s best restaurants.

It first appeared when Muslims attacked the Inberian peninsula. Gazpacho soup is one of the most well-liked soups in Spain. This savory tomato soup originated in the Andalusian region and gradually spread throughout the territory. This recipe often serves as a Spaniard’s favorite appetizer.

Spanish Food: 45 Traditional Dishes To Look For In Spain

The two basic staple ingredients in almost all Spanish food are olive oil and garlic. Being on the Iberian peninsula, fish and seafood are plentiful and abundant as well as jamon . Typical herbs used in Spanish food include oregano, parsley and thyme.