About Graval

GRAVAL is founded in Spring of 2008, originates from our management philosophy that Gravity cannot be seen or touch but it create the most powerful Value “Force” on Earth”. Similar to gravity in keeping people’s feet “on the ground” and enabling people to walk towards his/her destination, Graval prides itself in keeping an organization’s feet on the ground and developing the organization to accomplish its goals. In GRAVAL we believe intangible People’s Mindset can lead to great Business Impact.

We are not only composing of a group of thought leaders, practitioners and management consultant experts, but also entrepreneurs and risk takers. We believe that a aligned team with positive entrepreneurial mindset and skillsets can serve our clients in the best way.


Our professional team members have solid track record in business and management consulting services, talent management, business transformation and change management projects for over a hundred of listed and unlisted enterprises covering various industries. We Gravaler combines a global perspective with keen local insight, adopt a holistic and collaborative approach, getting to the heart of clients’ businesses, tailoring individual solutions to fit for each unique business model and its people. If you are interested to be one of our Gravler, please do not hesitate to contact us and share with us your passion and how you can contribute.


Holistic & practical solution

Our comprehensive services provide creative yet pragmatic solutions to assist organizations in accelerating their business growth, engaging with the right talents, empowering them with the right skills and tools, and communicate in the right way to enhance the business performance and growth that translate into tangible and superior business results.

Think “as” customer

Before proposing a solution, Graval will thoroughly assess our client’s business issues. This enables us to think like our customer, uncover root causes and propose effective solutions.

Unique and innovative product & Services

We provide customized solutions simply because there are unique needs from every client’s business, differences in system requirements, and different wants from the team for effectiveness.

World class standard

Graval has successfully assisted clients in addressing a wide variety of business performance challenges across different industries and/or disciplines. Additionally, our entire team expert brings significant, diverse, and real-world business and people development experience with them.

Return on Investment

Graval’s approach is centred on providing tangible return on investment. We have assisted clients in achieving improved effectiveness which has not only translated into improved morale and job satisfaction, but increased revenue, improved performance and productivity, and reduced costs.


Some example of customers our team has served including:

SAP, MTR, Bank of China, Hang Seng Bank, China Merchants Bank, Calvin Klein Asia, Timberland, BSH Home Appliances, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Macau Government Tourist Office


Our team members are passionate about creating an outstanding and innovative solution to our customers. The professional team helps customers develop real-world and up-to-date processes for people strategy and talent management that empower people to win. We combine a global perspective with keen local insights; adopt a holistic and collaborative approach, getting to the heart of our clients’ businesses, tailoring individual solutions to fit for each unique business model and its people.


Contact Number

+852 2669 2368



RM 2621, 26/F New Tech Plaza, 34 Tai Yau Street San Po Kong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong