Creativity takes you to the unknown

The greatest transformation is the biggest unknown in the past. You will never reach this unknown only by means of your known conventional ways.

We are definitely in an age of transformation. Technologies change the ways we make our voices heard and listen to others. How we engage the world is no longer the same as what we did just a few years ago. We all know we need to change and in fact, we are changing. But when we talk about transformation in business world, change does not occur as mandatory as our daily lives do. Some companies transformed successfully while others still rely on conventional ways to do business. What makes the difference?

Creativity, something we always talk about. “Be creative”, “Let’s think out of the box”, during a meeting we always urge our team to give a creative answer to the question. Why we need such a creative answer? Is it just because we want to make something different? Or deep in our hearts we know that the “old” or “conventional” way does not work so that we have to look for a new and “creative” answer? When we do this, how can we be sure that this creative answer can give us better results?

The one thing that matters is whether you see creativity just as an end product, something eye catching in a marketing campaign, or do you see creativity as a key ingredient in business transformation, and make what was impossible now possible? The power of creativity does not guarantee better results for you but it opens up the ways to take you to the unknown. And this unknown really matters because we are now looking for the change that our historical overemphasis on system thinking, calculations and qualitative measurements can’t offer. We have to dig deep in our process and let creativity guide you to break the boundaries that limit you from the unknown.

The greatest transformation is the biggest unknown in the past. You will never reach this unknown if you already planned and calculated the result by means of your known conventional ways, and just ask for a creative answer at the end of the process. You need to use creativity right from the beginning, try it to see if your strategies, objectives or even your vision blind you from the unknown. Once you catch a glimpse of this unknown, keep creativity your powerful partner which will always provides you an unknown answer in your venture of transformation.

Let’s not fear what is unknown to us. In fact, if we knew, we wouldn’t be creative, would we?

– Graval

Innovation Inside

Innovation, besides products and services, also includes new processes, new business systems and new methods of management, which have a significant impact on performance and growth.